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Our Expertise is Your Expertise

Modelling and Simulation

At Armant, our team's foundation is engineering modeling and simulation. Our experience in the highest levels of the Aerospace industry goes back decades, We have hands on experience with simulating the most challenging phenomena and environments. Most importantly, we know how to right-size the problem, using simulations to answer the right questions for the customers.

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CFD and AeroThermal Simulation

Armant's experience starts with thermal and fluid analysis. In extreme aerospace environments there is no difference between the two. Armant will help you understand your environments, if its a simple turbulent flow over a wall, a rocket motor at start-up, or a craft on the edge of space.

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Test and Verification

The team at Armant has decades of experience in test and verification. They have tested vehicles in subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic wind tunnels, supporting designs through flight test and production.


Data Analysis and Verification

Regardless of the data source, Armant is ready to help. Armant's team has an engineering and science background ready to analyze, research, and independently verify data from many engineering applications.

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Design Analysis and Optimization

Armant is focused on getting the best, most robust solution for our clients. Armant will not only help you right-size your problem, Armant will bring to bear its full capabilities of uncertainty quantification and multidisciplinary design and optimization techniques to your design ranging from the component to systems level.


Workflow Automation

At Armant, we believe that the core of design engineering is decision-making. We strive to automate and connect our tools and your tools to trim the "busywork" from the engineering workflow and let your engineers make the best informed decisions with the best quality data.

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Electronics and Power Systems Design

Armant's team can solve your electronics and power design, integration, and analysis challenges . Our team has vast experience designing and integrating flight electronics on missiles, aircraft, and space-borne vehicles. Whether it's a power system, flight controls, GPS/INS integration, avionics, or RF design, Armant can provide a unique solution.

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