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Armant Solutions is founded by a team of Aerospace Engineers with experience in software development, aerospace design, high-tech R&D, government contracts, and corporate projects, who all have one thing in common.


We want to help our customers do things the right way. For other companies, terms like "Robust solutions," "right-size the problem," "optimized design," "leverage analytics," "work smarter not harder," are just buzz-words. For Armant they are the guiding philosophy, and we want to pass these along to our customers.

At Armant, our goal is not just to give our customers data. Our goal is to give our customers the right solution, that keeps working for them well into the future.

The principal team members of Armant are highly experienced professionals drawn from a variety of aerospace industry titans.

From our decades of ground and flight test experience to our knowledge of multi-physics simulations, our skills envelope the breadth and depth of flight sciences designs.

Our knowledge will benefit you, if you are looking for understanding low-speed ducted flow or cutting edge hypersonics.

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